Books for Babies

Books for BabiesRainbow Literacy Society is a member of the Chinook Books for Babies Society, which makes it possible for us to provide Books for Babies bags to each newborn in Vulcan County.  Health nurses distribute the bags to the parents during the first or second visit and then again at the 12 month visit. With the canvas bag comes suitable books, tips on making reading fun, suggestions on good books to share with your baby, a FREE library card.

The purpose of Books for Babies is to encourage parents to read with their babies and continue to read to them as they grow.  It is never to early to start because their brain is developing and they are learning language skills.  Parents are their children's first teachers and have a strong influence on their children's attitudes towards learning and literacy.  Start reading with your child now and you will help them increase their chances for success.

Chinook Books For Babies Society recognizes and supports parents as their children’s first teachers. We need both financial assistance and donations of time in order to deliver the Chinook Books For Babies, a family literacy program for the newest members of our communities in Southwestern Alberta.

If you are interested in supporting Chinook Books For Babies Society, a Membership Fee: $10.00/year purchases a book-bag kit for a newborn in the Chinook literacy region. Includes a twice-yearly member newsletter.

Adopt - A - Bag Membership Application in pdf format,

Books for Babies

Adopt - A - Bag Membership Application