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In the Classroom


That's a great question! For our Adult Foundational Learners, the first point of access, our main goal is to help them build new skills. We do so by offering classes, working one-on-one with a tutor, in a non-threatening, inclusive, and flexible learning environment, most often in literacy, numeracy, English language learning or digital skills. We also offer workshops and information sessions throughout the year.


But that's not all.

We have a wide variety of family programs to support the parent/caregiver and their families in literacy skills. We also offer programs to enhance parenting skills for positive parenting, and discipline as well as supporting their role for fostering social and emotional growth for their child. Parents/Caregivers gain tools, skills, and knowledge of literacy, learning and essential skills needed for family, work, and community engagement. This helps the child/children develop skills and knowledge leading to their improvement in school and social and emotional health.

We have a variety of family programs that we offer for families with children aged 0 to 18 years. These can be offered one-on-one with the families in home, small group classes or group settings for the comfort level of each family.

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