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Hide and Seek


Family Programs

Parent/Caregivers gain tools, skills, and knowledge of literacy, learning and the essential skills needed for family, work, and community engagement. This helps the child/children develop skills and knowledge leading to their improvement in school and social and emotional health.

Our programs are supportive, non-judgmental, and fluid which are adapted to the skills, level, abilities and reality of the adult and the ages of the children in the family.

We have a variety of programs that we offer for families with children aged 0-18 years. These can be offered one-on-one with  the families in home, in small classes or group settings for the comfort level of each family.

Adult Education Course

Adult Literacy & Learning

We pride ourselves on creating a warm and welcoming space to meet with you.

We are judgement free.

We respect diversity.

We work towards ensuring that your learning opportunity matches your personal learning journey.


Programs & Services

- Foundational Learning: Reading & Writing

- Adult Literacy: Read with Me, Pre-preparation for GED

- Numeracy: Money Matters, Pre-preparation for GED

Skills for Learning: Setting Goals, Learning Circles, Skills for Learning

Basic Digital Skills: Computer Basics, Internet Cafe', On-line Safety

English Language Learning: CLB Levels 1/2 , 3/4 & Multi-Level, Preparation for CELPIP, and Preparation for Citizenship.

Community Programs:

- Red Cross First Aid, CPR and AED Training Level C

- PAL - Restricted and Unrestricted Firearm Safety

-Digital Skills such as Excel, Using Social Media, Tablets & Phones


We want to get to know you so, we will talk about your personal goals and try to answer questions you might have. And if you're not sure what direction to go - that's fine because were walking with you.

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